DUBICUT was designed for automated work in sound and synchro studios. It enables to remote control and synchronize video and audio machines via serial interface RS 422 with Sony P2 communication protocol. 

The equipment consist of control computer unit DUBICUT built in 19 inch 3U rack case, user remote unit DUBREM, interface concentrator MULTIPORT built in 19 inch 1U case, usual PC keyboard, mouse and VGA monitor. Control of 2 routing switchers CROSSBAR  (16x8 or 16x16) is integrated in Dubicut to replace manual switch board in studio. Built in video inserter enables to add the picture information about the loop start (so called "curtain") and about the time running of the loop. 

The software DUBICUT manages assemblage and adjustment of EDL, displays all necessary dates about the compiled task as selection of record tracks, state of all connected machines, theirs TC e.t.c. Loop plan preparation can be realized using DUBBEDIT software on the common PC. 

MULTIPORT provides primarily serial communication with controlled machines. It contains also connectors with GPI inputs and outputs which are programmable from DUBICUT, two audio inputs and outputs for sound muting during loop rewinding and 7 accessory ports RS 232. 

DUBREM can handle a combination of frequent used functions: machine control (by usual buttons and also by jog/shuttle wheel), input of the start and end addresses, preview of the loop, looping and loop recording. 

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