ELICLOCK - station logo and clock
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New Control panel with LC display to replace old RM 16 panel information here 

ELICLOCK is electronic generator and inserter of analogue and digital clock and station logo for TV broadcasting. We produce different formats: PAL, YUV, RGB and SDI CCIR 601.  

Antialiasing technique is used for inserting.  

Time accuracy is gained by DCF 77 and GPS inputs.  Also connection to other standards is possible (LTC modified by LEITCH). 

Eliclock can be controlled from Automatisation or from remote control panel. 

We can do for you logo and clock design or convert it for Eliclock.  

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ELICLOCK users : ČT 1, ČT 2, PRIMA, NOVA TV, Kabel plus, VTV, Galaxie.
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