titling machine

We offer the third generation of titling equipment ELIVEN now. ELIVEN covers at once character generator and subtitling unit. You can produce introductory titles and subtitle full-length feature film with use of time code. Editing of titles is easy thanks to Attribute Transfer and Style functions. Large-scale titles can be processed by importing text files from text editor. ELIVEN has built in inserter, so you do not need any other equipment to your production.

Titles are prepared to "pages", which can be dispatched or ordered to "sequences". Sequences can be "printed, rolled or crawled". This can be controlled by time code. Title pages can be also changed by some effects (wipe, scroll, mosaic,
fade). Each characters has it's own colour, shadow, outline and background. Each colour can be selected from 16 colour palette. The palette is created from 262 000 colours. Special functions for subtitling are implemented.

Text can be written in  Eliven or Imported into Eliven from text file, with or without time codes. Then "Spotting" function is used to assign and check time code addresses. After this preparation the titling can be executed automatically by time code.
Optional Preview outputs are used to see titles before inserting or to prepare titles without inserting.
Menu and manual is in English.

ELIVEN 4.02 PAL - composite video,
ELIVEN 4.02 YUV - component video,

Time code reader TCR51 - LTC, VITC
Preview output
Key output

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