Digital Recorder of Telephone Conversation
Number on phones lines ranges from 1 to 8 
Separated replay and recording system 
Two second search time 
Easily upgradable to accommodate more lines 
Replay the recordings on a standard PC with Windows 95 equipped with Replay Set Ucho 
Easy to use replay system 
No user intervention is required for recording 
Archive of selected recordings onto any available media 
Listening of any conversation on any line in Real Time 
Several search criteria including: 
  Date and Time 
  Incoming or outgoing calls 
  Incoming phone number or outgoing phone number 
  Line Used 
 Identification of the dialled phone number and Caller ID capable 
 Easy to install, plugs in like an answering machine 
 Secured recordings, only supplied hardware can replay recordings 
Key Features:

 Hardware compression 
 Hard drive based recording 
170 – 5000 hours recording time 
Number of phone lines: 1-8 

Phone line connections: 
 Connection through RJ type 
 (like a normal Answering machine) 

Recorded Data: 
 Date and time of a call 
 Length of a call 
Recognition of a Tone or Pulse phone number 
Recognition of incoming or outgoing call 
Caller ID*** 
Network operating system 
 Standard LAN protocol IPX/SPX 

Real time setting for recorder 
 Manually from player 
 Automatic by DCF 77 receiver 
Automatic by GPS receiver 

Power supply 
 230V/50 Hz 
 150 W 

 Rack mounted 19“ výška 3U 

 5- 10 kg 

*** May not be available in all area

Replay set UCHO 

System requirements 
 Standard PC 
 Windows 95 
 8 Mbyte RAM 
 Free 1 Mbyte on your harddisk 
 VGA card 
Network adapter 
 1 free ISA slot 

 Transfer recorded data by LAN 
 Hardware decompression 
Audio output  200 mV 
 Active type speaker or headphones 
 Call monitoring 

Search criteria 
 Time and date 
 Incoming / outgoing calls 
 Outgoing phone number 
 Incoming phone number *** 
 Line used 

Data files (diskette, LS 120, ZIP, JAZ e.t.c..) 

Delivery contains 

 Recorder VRBA 
 Reply add-on card 
 Replay software 
 Active speaker 
 User manual 
Per order 
 Network adapter 
 Network cable 
 PC for Replay set

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