Time centre

CLC 1000 receives navigation satellites GPS to get exact time reference signal.
This signal is processed and delivered to other equipment as clocks, stopwatches, clock inserter ELICLOCK , displays, broadcast automatisation ELILINE e.t.c.. .

Number of received satellites: 12
Time to get synchronization: 15 seconds GPS receiving
Precision: during receiving is done by GPS, without receiving +/-1s /24 hours @ 15°- 30° C,
Dimensions: 19" 1U, cca 180 mm deep
External antenna with 30 m cable
LC display 2 x 16 characters to setup and check function.
Battery backup for 1 months
Power: 230V /50 Hz; 0,4A

CLC 1000  modification (can be combined):
CLC 1000 D - outputs for LED displays.
CLC 1000 L - display LC on front panel.
CLC 1000 F - input for DCF 77
CLC 1000 S - output for stopwatch and handy switch to control stopwatch
CLC 1000 A - output for analogue clocks

Other modification on demand (second pulses output, NMEA protocol, DCF simulating, LTC by LEITCH)
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